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February 2017

John Sansom (MRC, TRC and Goonhilly) writes: I think I should let some of the members know that Tony Meeks (ex Fleet) and I are still going. I enjoy the newsletter and I keep telling Mike Tiernan that I will get to a meeting one day.

John (Jonesy) Jones started at EH at the end of 1957 so remembers many of the names mentioned in the newsletter. “As Jim Malone says, ‘It’s great to keep in touch’. I think EH was a unique place to work. I made many friends there, sadly some are no longer with us, but our memories are.”

George and Brenda Hopwood (TO and OTO, EH and Livonia Street) write to tell us that “we have left Kent to move up to Yorkshire to be close to our daughter. Will miss the Crosse Keys banter and memories of EH, Water Lane, Tweezers Alley, front entrance with the model of the Sir Edward Wilshaw cable ship, ink pots, gum pots and chads everywhere, brown dustcoats, oil cams, unbungers and complaints of ‘poor touch.’ All now in the past as is our life down South, now to be transformed into Northerners. Best wishes to all of the Post Office Cable and Wireless Service.” 

May 2017

Patrizia Capetta writes (from Padova, Italy): I spent 3 (almost 4) wonderful years in EH between 1974 to 1978. A keen photographer, who I can’t even remember the name of,  took some photos of me while working in the phone room of EH and on Victoria Embankment.

June 2017

Mark De Rozairo has been in touch from Perth in Australia:

I saw the ad “A Career in Telegraphy” in 1961 ( see "How Did We Get Here" page) and applied and to my surprise I was asked to present myself for an interview at Electra House. I remember walking through the main entrance and if I remember rightly,  Albert was the Doorman looking smart in his brown uniform buttons, and all.

I remember telling the person who interviewed me that I could type which seemed to go down well.  After that I went through the usual process – Acton for some time, then Issue Department, Phones course where everybody was taught how to type.

After doing my OTO1 course I volunteered to go to St. Botolphs Area Office but when that office closed down I went back to the OTRU and finally to the TRC where I remained till I took EVR in 1982 and emigrated to Australia.  I lived in Melbourne, Vic. then  the Gold Coast, Queensland and finally moved to Perth WA.

While at Electra House I played Cricket for the ETESSA team.  We had some enjoyable times going to the West Country usually in April/May where we played local teams and enjoyed the ‘scrumpy’ cider among other local delicacies.  We usually played matches on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the summer.

July 2017

Terry Hogsden has sent us this picture of himself and former colleagues from International Telegraphs, when they were on secondment to the Central Office of Information. Terry tells us they were all dressed up to impress a young Canadian lady telegraphist from the High Commission in Ottawa!

Shown in the photo are Joe Kavanagh, Mick Barker, Terry Hogsden, Mike McConnell and Cliff Adkin. TIme has taken it's toll and sadly Mick, Mike and Cliff are no longer with us.

More information about the COI and it's connection with International Telegraphs can be found on this link: