2024 Reunions 

At The Crosse Keys

9 Gracechurch Street , EC3V 0DR

Saturday 2nd March at The Crosse Keys

Saturday 6th July - The Crosse Keys

Saturday 2nd November - The Crosse Keys

Photos from the July 2023 reunion

Our pictures show:

1. Jim Grant, Stan Mansfield and Jim's daughter Vicky.

2. Bob Gallagher, John Davis, Mike Zacinsky & Mike Pharaoh

3. Brian Donovan, Richard Evans, 'Carol' & Bob Evans

4. Ron Shepherd, Ken Smith & Geoff Boudreau.

Photos from the August 2022 reunion

Our pictures show:

1. Ken Davis, Jim Smith and Bob McCoy

2. Ron Shepherd & Ken Smith

3. Geoff Suter, Tony Taylor, Bob Jukes & Alan Drew

4. Stan & Doreen Mansfield, Mick & Louie O'Regan and Michael Vick

Photos from the February 2020 reunion

  1. Ron Shepherd enthusing about Geoff Boudreau's book "The World At Their Fingertips" while Geoff grasps his last prize in the raffle.
  2. Brenda Wilkins and Geoff Suter
  3. Winsome Peterkin and Mrs Mick O'Regan

Bottom row:

  1.  Stan Mansfield, Mick O'Regan and Doreen Mansfield
  2. Mike Zacsinsky
  3. Dave Parry, Stan Chambers, Ted Clark and George Nash

Photos from the August 2017 reunion 

Our pictures below show, left to right;

1. Ron Shepherd and Jim Malone discussing the technological wizardry of the new EHRCA website

2. Stan and Doreen Mansfield. Stan, often referred to as the 'best supervisor you could have', is a prolific painter and watch and clock mender with many sheds in his garden.

3. John Dixon, Geoff Suter and Brenda Wilkins.