Operational Areas

Pictures in the Operational Areas gallery show where people actually worked in the various buildings and offices.


Shown below are photos of the EH Main Counter in the 1940s left; and the Broadway OTAO Counter in 1964.

Zone Rooms

Below, left to right; The Instrument Room in EH, which moved from EH Moorgate after enemy action in 1941; The Press Local Room in EH, in 1945; A zone room in EH.

EH Phone Room

Shown here are several pictures of the EH Phone Room, the top two rows from the 1950s, the rest from the 1960s. All jackets and ties in the 50s!

Transmitting & Receiving

A series of photos showing various forwarding and receiving positions in Electra House at various times in the 1940s and 1950s.

Images from the Issue Department on the ground floor in the early 1950's

Local Room


Electra House provided photo-telegraphy (wirephoto) facilities to supplement services owned and operated by news agencies, such as the Press Association and Associated Press. Transmission (or reception) of one 10" x 8" black and white photograph would take 15 minutes.

GENTEX (General European Network of Telex Exchanges)

OTRU (Overseas Tape Relay Unit)

Falcon House OTAO

Broadway OTAO

Livonia Street OTAO